Latest Development News – 100 Avebury Boulevard


100 Avebury Boulevard is set to become Central Milton Keynes Newest Grade A office and Retail development. First occupants are expected to be in place by the late summer of 2019. This sustainable and low energy BREEAM accredited building will provide 140,000 sqft of contemporary office space on 8 floors with Retail space and has its own multi-storey car park attached.

AW James priorities for this latest building were; Comfort, Wellbeing and Cost efficiency.

“Happy staff are productive staff and we have tried to incorporate improved design to encourage staff to feel great when they arrive at work. We would argue that many office buildings in CMK are no longer ‘fit for purpose’ and they don’t offer a great deal of amenity space or places for staff to hang out and dwell. Our building will hopefully be like a ‘home from home’ environment where everything is available under one roof. We are even looking at providing a concierge service, a restaurant and café and possibly a gym.”

100 Avebury Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes has a superb geographical location just 200 yards from the train station. Located halfway between London and Birmingham and Oxford and Cambridge. It is well connected to the rest of the country by the West Coast Main Line and A5, which pass through the city and the M1motorway to the east of the city. East–west links will improve in the future with the extension of east-west rail services; a new national expressway between Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford; and improvements to the A421.

The Borough is one of the fastest growing local authorities in the UK with a large, diverse and dynamic local economy with more jobs than resident workers, resulting in net in-commuting. Approximately 50,000 people are estimated to commute into MK daily. It has one of the highest start-up rates for new businesses of any local authority and the Milton Keynes workforce is one of the most productive in the country.

Milton Keynes has performed better than many other parts of the UK because it is dominated by the private sector, with around four private sector jobs to every one public sector job. Increases in private sector employment have driven the local economy forward, offsetting public sector job losses, and the overall number of jobs within the Borough has continued to grow. At £10.9 billion in 2015, the local economy is bigger than that of Northampton and Luton and approaching that of some of England’s major cities such as Leicester and Nottingham.

Milton Keynes has for the third year in a row been reported as the UK’s fastest-growing economy and was one of only 7 cities to achieve annual GVA growth of at least 2.0% in 2017 Q2. It also topped the league table for employment growth and has a high proportion of employment in the Knowledge Intensive Business Sector with activities such as Media and IT, Finance and Insurance, Legal and Accounting, Management consultancy and other Professional Services.

Network Rail, Santander and Home Retail Group have located their head offices in CMK and Volkswagen Finance and Mercedes Benz are large employers nearby. These companies realise the benefit of highly skilled workforce with higher level qualifications than the national average and it’s no surprise that MK is leading the way with technological innovation. Approximately 24,800 people were employed in the Milton Keynes technology industry in 2016, which is partly a result of the high number of tech firms. Technology GVA growth in this city was 24% between Q4 2012 and Q4 2015, well above the average of 14%. This growth in tech and SMART city credentials backed by the Open University are what will hopefully soon bring about plans for MK University.

We look forward to providing further reason for companies to move to Milton Keynes when we release marketing details soon of our newly anticipated building in CMK – 100 Avebury Boulevard.